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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! It’s the day that many Americans celebrate their Irish heritage. I have a new relationship with St. Patrick’s Day since I wrote Magic Tree House #43, Leprechauns in Late Winter and my sister Natalie wrote the nonfiction companion, Leprechauns and Irish Folklore. Did you know that Dullahans are scary Irish fairies who appear as headless horsemen when they gallop down dark country roads? And Grogochs are tiny old men fairies covered in leaves, twigs, and dirt? And merrows are beautiful Irish fairies who live in the sea? And guess how you can protect your house from fairies? You can wear your coat inside out, or put a sock under your bed, or draw a pig’s head on your door. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! (And don’t forget to wear something green.)

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