Mary Pope Osborne's
Classroom Adventures Program

Penguins, Pilgrims, and Polar Bears (and more)

Every now and then we’ll be sharing some Fun and/or Amazing facts compiled by Natalie Pope Boyce, author of the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker books.

This week, it’s Sea Monsters.  Next time…you’ll have to stop back and see!

  1. We only know 10% of what lives in the ocean. The rest thrives deep under the sea.
  2. Giant squids have eyes the size of basketballs!
  3. Because it’s so dark in the deep sea, many sea creatures make their own light.
  4. Pink goblins and cookie cutter sharks are two names of mysterious creatures of the deep.
  5. Giant tube worms live by hot water vents in the Pacific Ocean. They thrive in water that is over 700 degrees!
  6. Mini subs are being used to explore the deep sea.
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